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I was close to losing the plot this week. Very close to The Edge. But not in a good way.

  • I tried everything I could to code my own email signature signature.
  • I used the nice developer I am working with to try and code one for me.
  • I made pretty Canva graphics (my love for Canva has very few limits) to try and make it look a bit more professional.
  • I used the free Hubspot email signature generator (ok, but a bit average).
  • But nothing worked.

I think email signatures are an essential part of your branding. They are a highly visible element in your brand identity, your story, and your message. Every detail counts. And actually, come to think of it, it’s not just freelancers that sometimes have not the most optimised signatures – are you listening professional service firm folks?!

And the more I read about email signatures, the more I realised that they are a bit of a nightmare all around. The particular challenge is responsiveness and working across mobile properly.

After all that palava, I was just about to sign up for one of the many hosted versions when I stumbled upon Exclaimer.

Meet your tool of the week!

Exclaimer is a good-un so far. It’s by far the best email signature I’ve found. I’ve used it with a client too. And it’s free.

What’s In It For Them you might wonder? Well the very nice lady I spoke to (of this UK company) told me they are an “enterprise solution provider”. So they’re happy to help us freelancers with a free version of their signature generator currently.

It is fairly intuitive and comes with set up instructions for where to paste the HTML code in your email server. There’s a little messing around in your Signature folder if you’re a Mac Mail user like me and I found this article which helped.

The Exclaimer version is not aesthetically unrestricted. It isn’t perfect. But my email signature is now perfectly fine. That’s a Canva banner, by the way (Canva swoon time). And if you’re an enterprise, they’ll probably do a nice version for you for a small fee 🙂

What makes a good email signature?

Key things to include – obviously your logo and contact details as well as all your relevant social buttons, but also some kind of branded call to action or mission statement is an opportunity. If you’ve written a book or have an interesting blog or white paper, add it! There are all sorts of creative options for you. Mine is a work in progress. What will yours include?

So, if you fancy playing around with your signature, give Exclaimer a go and let me know how you get on.

PS: I am neither on commission with Exclaimer nor Canva sadly.

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