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It’s strange that Twitter is now a vintage social network. Having been founded in 2006, it’s come of age and is almost a teenager.

People have been predicting its demise for years, but with still over 300 million daily active users, talk of a resurgence in popularity (along with Snapchat) and Facebook’s growth now being reported as possibly curtailing, there are no signs of its imminent extinction.

Yet, my financial and professional services clients are often sceptical about its value. They’re mostly not tuned in at all and they’ve got pretty ropey Twitter accounts to reflect that.

I appreciate there are excuses in these protests, but I also understand how they come to perceive the spammy black holeness of the Twittersphere.

So should you or should you not engage with Twitter?


Twitter is your window on the world. There is no other place you can directly connect with a serious influencer. For a place that is all about limited characters, it is amazing how much humanity and fun there is to be experienced on the platform. Here are some excellent examples of real-life professionals who are using Twitter daily for commercial benefit.

Mark Schaefer author of the TAO of Twitter also recently talked eloquently about the perrenial value of Twitter in a Social Media Examiner podcast.

But I know what you are saying, “it’s so busy”, “it’s full of spam”, “I haven’t got time”. Right?


Perhaps Twitter is changing for the better?


Three months after the 280 character expansion things are looking up. People generally love the opportunity to say twice as much. To use white space. To not have to spend ages recrafting Tweets just to fit the restriction.

A chat today with Ovi Negrean, CEO of Social Bee affirms other changes.


How can you thrive on Twitter?


Ovi has written a great guide on how to get the best out of Twitter and grow your following which covers everything I could say to you and more, so here it is!

I’ve used Twitter quite a bit over the last couple of years for myself and clients, to varying degrees of success. From Twitter wasteland, I am currently revisiting my own Twitter scepticism and will keep you posted.


Whatever social media efforts you involve yourselves in, there’s no getting away from the need for stellar content. And that’s a whole other story. Lot’s more content tips to come and I will be reaching out to you on video soon so watch this space!


Take care


Clare x

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