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ready to gig it

I was sent a copy of this beautiful little newly published tome recently thanks to the delightful Per Frykman, an esteemed peer in my field…

If You Dig It, Gig It, 120 ideas on future professional life

Per Frykman and Kristina Narman.

So, how do you fancy living this person’s life?

“They will become really, really good at what they do…. In areas where they have a deep interest… they will work from nice places where they can focus on their work and at the same time seek purpose and meaning in life. They have a global marketplace.”

Sounds rather appealing doesn’t it?

If that tickles your fancy, welcome to the Gig Economy, Frykman and Narman are urging us all to prepare for. Something we are all likely to dabble in at some point.

It’s a world of great opportunity since trust has shifted from the company to the individual executive.

Yet, take a deep breath, you’ll need to “give yourself permission to be stupid.” The gig zone is a place for experimentation, exploration, taking risks, being uncomfortable, screwing up, and accepting you will have “bugs” that need fixing.

“The goal is not perfection, it’s progress.”

Oh dear, could be a rocky ride too.

But, such is life, and Frykman and Narman do not paint a Utopian picture of the Hero’s Journey.

Rather they are evangelists for the value of cultivating your personal reputation as a kind of insurance policy along the way. However, they remind us that whatever we do, beauty is also in the eye of the beholder. You are not in control of your reputation. Furthermore, it’s important to acknowledge that, “no one is really interested in you. They want to know about the value you can provide them.” That’s a relief to those of us who shun the spotlight and find ‘personal branding’ phoney.

This is a concise, artfully-presented (love the Scandi design and typography) quick-read, presenting a whole host of inspiring tips, quotes and references along with interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

The goal is to inspire you on your journey to building your executive reputation, to creating your own ‘gig’ and daring you to take the plunge.

And as Narman says, “just do it.”

Are you ready?

Clare x


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